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There’s no denying that maintaining proper dental hygiene is important, and while most of us do our best, we still tend to make mistakes. You’d think brushing your teeth should be a simple enough task, but there are many ways you can do it wrong – brushing too long or too short, too weak or too strong, not often enough, or avoiding flossing can all contribute to tooth decay. But you don’t have to frequently visit your dentist or dental hygienist just to achieve desired results – all you need is a device that could ensure that you’re doing everything right. uSmile Pro is precisely that! With this tooth-cleaner you don’t have to worry about doing something wrong – it will maintain correct dental hygiene for you. In just 10 seconds, uSmile Pro will achieve the results a year of regular brushing couldn’t.


While we all care about our dental health, it’s difficult to maintain it correctly in home-conditions. A regular toothbrush cannot reach all the spots that need cleaning, and it is difficult not to be so vigorous you’ll end up damaging your enamel. It takes a while to get everything right, and even longer to floss, yet the results can still be disappointing. Automatic toothbrushes might not be as soft on your teeth, and while they save you time, they are hardly more effective than regular toothbrushes. uSmile Pro is designed to solve these issues. Just add the toothpaste and place it in your mouth so that all 32 of your teeth are hugged by the U-shaped silicon brush. Press the power button and in just 10 to 15 seconds your teeth will be perfectly clean. Sonic and gentle vibration technology will properly clean all of your teeth without damaging them. In fact, it’s so gentle, even if you wear braces or dentures it will still work well, without causing pain or discomfort. uSmile Pro is easy to maintain and is completely waterproof, so you can count on it for years to come.


  • Time-saving: think how long it takes to clean your teeth based on all the guidelines and dentist advice, and that’s excluding flossing. With uSmile Pro that time shrinks to under half a minute!
  • Hands-free: since you don’t have to clean every tooth yourself, all you need to do is add some toothpaste or even teeth-whitener, bite into it and that’s it. You can go about your usual morning or bedtime routine while uSmile Pro maintains your dental hygiene.
  • Proven method: this toothbrush uses the recommended teeth-cleaning method that is used by dental hygienists and dentists for daily cleaning.
  • Painless and easy: while it may be difficult to determine the correct pressure level yourself, uSmile Pro maintains it optimally. It also cleans every tooth evenly, leaving no space for bacteria and plaque to accumulate. While most teeth-cleaning methods can be really uncomfortable if you’re wearing braces or dentures, with this device you can forget all about that issue.
  • Waterproof: even though uSmile Pro is an electronic device, and needs to be charged to work, you can clean it freely however you like – it cannot be damaged by water.
  • Whitening technology: not only does it clean discoloration appearing due to built-up plaque, but you can also use this device as a professional teeth-whitener by just adding special teeth-whitening cream.
  • Long-term bargain: uSmile Pro will last you for a long time, and during that time it will prevent frequent dentist visits and allow you to avoid hygienist appointments completely, meaning you’ll be saving money you would normally spend on them.


Do you even have to ask? It’s a long-term use device that ensures your proper dental hygiene while saving your time as well. Unlike other regular or electronic toothbrushes, uSmile Pro allows you to brush your teeth hands-free, while also maintaining a safe pressure level. It works great for everyone, even if you’re wearing braces or dentures, and does not cause discomfort even to the most sensitive of teeth. Most importantly, it is highly effective, so you can rest assured that all of your teeth are cleaned according to the highest dental standards. It will help to keep your teeth so healthy, you’ll be able to skip hygienist visits completely, and only visit your dentist for a regular check-up. Maintaining dental hygiene can be easy and fun with uSmile Pro. So what is there not to like?


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