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Cleaning your teeth isn’t as simple as it may seem. Do it too fast and you’ll end up leaving a lot of spots uncleaned. Put too much pressure and you’ll end up damaging your enamel. Doing it properly takes a lot of time too. In a situation with seemingly no way out, modern technology comes through and delivers you a device that can make those issues a thing of the past – uSmile Pro!

This device was created to save you time and make it as easy as possible to maintain dentist-approved oral hygiene. In just 10 seconds of hands-free use, you can achieve results you couldn’t in the years that you’ve been using a regular toothbrush.

What makes uSmile Pro so special?

Where other teeth-cleaning methods fail – uSmile Pro succeeds. Regular toothbrushes need to be frequently changed and they hardly work well when it comes to proper hygiene maintenance. Electronic toothbrushes can be no better, and they are also quite hard on your teeth, potentially doing more harm than good. Meanwhile, uSmile Pro cleans your teeth according to all dental standards, kills 99.9% of bacteria, and is completely safe to use by everyone. Its gentle vibrations are soft and won’t cause pain or discomfort even if you’re wearing braces or have sensitive teeth. It effectively cleans even the hardest to reach places in just 10 to 15 seconds, leaving you more time to enjoy your daily life without having to worry about your dental hygiene. uSmile Pro is rechargeable and reusable, so it will last you for ages, and is very easy to effectively clean. So, if you’re looking for a way to prevent regular visits to the dentist, uSmile Pro is your solution!

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